by Rajat Paharia, Founder of Bunchball & Father of Gamification


New York Times bestselling author Rajat Paharia is a sought after public speaker with an innate ability to simplify and clearly articulate complex ideas and concepts . With years of experience as an engineer, designer, and startup executive, Rajat's expertise spans engagement, motivation, loyalty, gamification, big data, technology, interaction design, and entrepreneurship. He has spoken on these topics at Web 2.0, Digital Directions, X Media Lab, IBM Connect, Dreamforce, NICE Interactions, GSummit, Google, LinkedIn, Intuit, U.C. Berkeley, Stanford University, and many more. For inquiries about booking Rajat for speaking engagements, contact us here.




Speaking Testimonials

Rajat takes his audience from zero-to-sixty in seconds. He broke down the complexity and mystery of gamification with simple examples and had our customers nodding, laughing and echoing his passion. At our Orlando customer conference we ran more than 200 breakout sessions. The session that Rajat ran was BOTH the best attended AND the highest rated.
Scott Buchanan, Head of Solutions Marketing at NICE Systems

Rajat Paharia captivates audiences with the unique combination of his lightning-fast delivery, keen data points, and forehead slap-inducing insight. While listening to him speak, Rajat almost dares you to blink, out of fear that you'll miss something that will change your company forever. The Fantasy Sports Trade Association has booked hundreds of speakers and panels. Five years later, our attendees still talk about Rajat's presentation. He stands alone as the only keynote speaker to be asked to reprise his role.
Paul Charchian, President of Fantasy Sports Trade Association

I invited Rajat to speak at an event my company hosted and having him as part of our agenda helped drive registrations for our event.  On the day, he delivered a fantastic talk that was tailored to our attendees.  He is a talented public speaker who engaged the audience and delivered a thought provoking presentation.
Britt Davies, Chief Marketing Officer, Workplace Systems
Rajat is a pioneer and highly-successful practitioner of the arts and sciences of Gamification. Rajat has an uncanny ability to communicate with vital clarity the commercial and technical aspects of these potentially pervasive techniques of engagement.
Brendan Harkin, Founder and Director, X|Media|Lab
Rajat is a great speaker—confident, enjoyable and informative. Our hallways are still buzzing with inspired chatter following his talk. Connecting big data analysis, motivation methods and gamification techniques, Rajat framed loyalty in a fresh, accessible approach.
Jeff Harse, VP of Corporate Communications, Recyclebank
My team invited Rajat to introduce the world of gamification to an Asian client who knew very little about this space. We asked Rajat to give his presentation on a day when our client had to sit through several other presentations. In spite of the meeting fatigue, Rajat managed to get everybody's undivided attention for the entire time by delivering a presentation that was crisp, compelling, and tailored to our client's needs. Everyone agreed that his was the best presentation of the day. 
Veronica Rosso, Manager - Strategy Consulting, PwC



Rajat introduces himself as a speaker


Rajat interviewed about gamification for Substance


Rajat speaking at Digital Directions in Sydney, Australia


Rajat interviewed about gamification by Saatchi & Saatchi


Book Testimonials

"Loyalty 3.0 is filled with major insights, and does a brilliant job of grounding the reader in fundamental concepts around motivation, big data, and gamification - building on these concepts through real-world case studies that bring the combinations to life – and finishing with actionable ideas and next steps that enable you to test and operationalize these ideas in your own workplace and personal life."
- Brad Smith, President & CEO, Intuit 
"A fascinating insight into how companies are exploiting big data."
- Mark Read, CEO, WPP Digital
"Rajat Paharia comprehensively explains how to create loyalty in the modern world full of data and connectivity. If you want to learn how to motivate and inspire employees, you must read this book.”
- Dave Kerpen, New York Times bestselling author of Likeable Social Media and Likeable Business 
“Rajat pioneered the business use of big data and game mechanics to transform the customer experience. A decade before anyone else, he saw that the same techniques that video game designers had used for years — fast feedback, badges, competition, goals, and leveling up — were also incredibly powerful for motivating behavior outside of games, and an industry was born. This book shares his secrets."
- Clara Shih, CEO, Hearsay Social, author of The Facebook Era, and Board Member at Starbucks
"Relationships are the single greatest asset for all organizations. Relationships with customers, relationships with employees, relationships with partners. In Loyalty 3.0, Rajat Paharia reveals the new science of relationship building through big data and gamification."
- Tim Brown, CEO, IDEO
"The journey to Loyalty 3.0 is real. Rajat's vision shows why right time relevancy and context will transform how organizations engage with customers and truly craft relationships."
- R "Ray" Wang, Principal Analyst & CEO at Constellation Research
"Adoption is a critical component when creating an exceptional customer experience or smarter workforce, and gamification has proven to be a powerful driver for success.  The insights Rajat shares in Loyalty 3.0 will help guide the next wave of deeper relationships across the enterprise."
 - Sandy Carter, IBM Vice President, Social Business Evangelism and Sales, author of Get Bold
“In this powerful and groundbreaking book, Rajat Paharia clearly demonstrates how big data, motivation, and gamification can be utilized to create true engagement and loyalty. We believe Loyalty 3.0 will be a game changer for our associates and guests.”
- Ray Bennett, Chief Lodging Services Officer at Marriott International
"The best 'big data for dimwits' (like me) I've come across so far is Chapter 3 in Rajat Paharia's book Loyalty 3.0. And the overall clarity of writing - simple declarative Hemingwayish sentences - in Loyalty 3.0 is extraordinary. It wins my 2013 clarity-of-written-communication award hands down."
- Tom Peters, acclaimed management thinker, co-author of In Search of Excellence